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Since 2009 Durling roof Cleaning has been the area’s leading provider of softwash roof and exterior cleaning, the safest, most effective method available for the removal of ugly stains and roof growths.

By using our softwash system the damage being done to your roof by harmful plant infestations stops immediately, eliminating the need of costly repairs and unnecessary replacement.

A good cleaning extends the lifespan of your roof and restores the original beauty and efficiency it once had. There are many benefits to roof cleaning, and as with any care and maintenance, the sooner you begin the better your results will be.

Benefits Of A Cedar Roof Cedar Logo

Owning a cedar roof has many benefits. With proper care and maintenance a cedar shake or shingle roof can be a sound investment and source of pride for many years.

  • A Real and Natural Resource
    • Harmonious with the environment
    • Natural coloration
    • Locally sourced and renewable
    • Biodegradable
  • Historic Value
    • Cedar, like slate, is one of the oldest and most imitated roof types
  • Natural Insulator
    • Highest R-value, by far, of any roof type
    • Lower heating and cooling costs
    • Highest sound insulation
  • Appearance
    • Cedar is naturally beautiful.
    • When new, cedar displays natural honey and cinnamon tones then ages gracefully to a distinguished silvery gray if properly maintained
    • Cedar has architectural dimension and thickness
    • Like a fine quality real wood floor, every cedar roof is unique
  • Return on Investment
    • Curb appeal and resale value
    • Longevity, 40 – 60 years or more if maintained
  • Practical
    • Lightweight
    • Durable
    • Non-conductive
    • Pest and decay resistant

For all the benefits cedar has to offer, it does require more care and maintenance than any other roof type. Unfortunately many New England homeowners and property managers, unaware of cedar’s special needs, are repairing or replacing their cedar roofs prematurely and unnecessarily when safe and affordable options are available. The goal of Durling Roof Cleaning is to provide the safest, longest lasting and most affordable cedar care and maintenance available to help our customers enjoy the full lifespan of beauty and benefits their cedar roof has to offer.

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