We believe the highest compliment our customers can give us is the referral of their friends and family and from one business to another. A high percentage of our jobs come from referrals by satisfied customers we've worked for.

Below are just a few testimonials from our many valued customers.

Kathy D (realtor), Brattleboro, VT

Wow! The house at 26 Green Meadow gleams!!! A zillion thanks! Your
hard work shows everywhere. The moss on the roof is all gone, the
clapboards, garage door, gutters and driveway all look great. The deck
and stairs look terrific! With my immense appreciation.

Rick B, Dublin, NH

The results in just one day are absolutely amazing.

Mary and Roger, Peterborough, NH

Thank you for the excellent work you did this week removing moss and
other growths from our garage roof. It not only looks like new
again, but we now realize that thanks to you it will last longer.
You've got a terrific service and you deliver it very professionally.

Thanks also for how careful you were in protecting our house and lawn
during the process.

Jonathan P, Spofford Lake, NH

What you guys just did for my roof and the rest of my house has turned
the clock back on 15 years of wear and tear. I can't believe I was
able to sit back and watch my roof transform into its true colors right
before my eyes.

Jeanne W, Keene, NH

The roof came out so good I'd like you to call back in the fall to
clean the rest of my house before I have it painted.

Bernie L, Troy, NH

Now as I'm walking back to my home, I can look up at my roof again.

Jim and Bonnie A, Munsonville, NH

Thanks so much, our roof looks like new again and you saved us
thousands we thought we needed to spend on house painting.

Mary and Ron, Brattleboro, VT

The work you did for our property is impressive. The house gleams!
With my immense thanks for all your efforts.

Tim C, Peterborough, NH

I didn't expect my roof to come out this good. You guys did a great

Helen E, Brattleboro, VT

Thank you very much for the excellent work you did cleaning the
exterior of my home. Not only was your work of high quality, but you
were prompt, courteous, kind, and careful with all details including
the care of my garden. I appreciated the extra chores you helped me
with at no extra cost. The birds have returned to the nest you were
so kind to preserve. It was a pleasure to utilize your services.

Linda P, Northfield, MA

Thank you for coming to my house yesterday and upgrading my home so
much with your roof and exterior washing. It looks like a brand new
roof and all the black build-up is gone from the vertical boards of
my siding. As I told you, I've shown my house once and both my roof
and siding were pointed out as problems. I can't wait to call my
realtor and have her bring back her customer again. I truly believe
your cleaning was the best use of the limited funds available in
preparing my house for re-sale. I highly recommend your services and
will hopefully use you again in the future!! Thanks again for