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Since 2009 Durling roof Cleaning has been the area’s leading provider of softwash roof and exterior cleaning, the safest, most effective method available for the removal of ugly stains and roof growths.

By using our softwash system the damage being done to your roof by harmful plant infestations stops immediately, eliminating the need of costly repairs and unnecessary replacement.

A good cleaning extends the lifespan of your roof and restores the original beauty and efficiency it once had. There are many benefits to roof cleaning, and as with any care and maintenance, the sooner you begin the better your results will be.

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The standard process for cleaning cedar roofs has been the use of pressure washers, lifts, or walking on the roof, as well as multiple steps and applications of different solutions over a period of days. Not only can this process be time consuming and harmful to a cedar roof, it is also quite expensive.

Durling Roof Cleaning and Sullivan Roof Cleaning; setting a new standard in cedar roof cleaning.

As experienced cedar roof installers, we know that a finished cedar roof is only as good as the cedar chosen, its proper installation, and how well it’s maintained. Our knowledge and appreciation of cedar roofs has led us to an affiliation with Bruce Sullivan of Sullivan Roof Cleaning in Des Moines, Iowa, a pioneer and leading authority on the softwash method of cedar roof cleaning. Bruce’s process and proprietary cleaning solution is in high demand around the country. Durling Roof Cleaning is an authorized Sullivan system dealer.

Our process for cleaning cedar roofs does not involve the use of pressure washers or walking on roofs. Pressure washers are inherently dangerous to roofs, especially cedar, and in the wrong hands can detach shingles and remove years of protection in moments. All our cleaning is done from ladder-top settings, using stand-offs, for the protection of your roof and us, too.

  1. The first step in our process is the removal of roof debris (sticks, branches, leaves, etc.) and the cleaning of gutters if present.
  2. Next, from different ladder-top settings around your house, we safely deliver our cleaning solution, which totally immerses and kills all plant growths.
  3. After waiting a short time we rinse away dead plant growths and excess lignin (wood structure lost to decay), leaving your shingles cleaned, conditioned, and able to breathe again.

Spraying our solution and fresh water rinsing are both delivered at gentle garden hose pressures. Our solution, specifically designed for cedar, is an all-in-one mix that both cleans and conditions cedar roofs. Our mix contains compatible oils and materials lost to the elements that rehydrate wood cells to their original 3% oil content. Our oils restore color, luster, and natural defenses to cedar shakes and shingles, and leave your roof protected for years to come. Everything needed to extend the life of your roof is included in our solution. Our solution, developed by Bruce Sullivan, is proprietary and not available to retailers or commercially to the general roof cleaning industry.

Our streamlined process for cleaning and conditioning cedar roofs allows us to achieve immediate results and a job completion time of one day on average. Results of our cleaning are same-day and cost effective.

We don’t recommend the additional expense of after-treatments such as stains or sealants meant to colorize or preserve cedar roofs. Stains fade quickly and unevenly, becoming blotchy, and provide no added benefits to the longevity of cedar roofs. Any treatment materials that seal wood cells and prevent moisture evaporation should not be used.

To properly maintain a cedar roof in our New England climate we do recommend cleaning with our process every 8 – 10 years or as needed according to your environment. Roof areas with southern exposures may require more frequent treatments due to harsh effects of the sun.

The Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning Network

Bruce Sullivan has trained and certified a limited number of the country’s best roof cleaners to provide his proven system for cleaning and conditioning cedar roofs. Bruce’s safe and affordable system is in high demand around the country. Durling Roof Cleaning is proud to be part of the Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning network as an authorized provider for our central New England region.

Here’s what a few of our cedar customers had to say:

Hi Bruce,

Just wanted to pass along my thanks for your referral to the Durlings of Keene, NH. Tom and Mike spent two full days here and completed a wonderful softwash of my cedar roof. The method that you developed and taught the Durlings in is one in which I heartily approve. My roof is now moss/lichen/mildew free and has that bronze new roof look. Several of my neighbors have favorably commented, and I am happy to note that the Durlings will be starting on one of my neighbor’s roofs on Monday (tomorrow) with a second neighbor waiting as well. So, I hope that Tom and Mike pick up some additional business down here. I must say that I enjoyed their company as well. They are friendly and highly professional roof cleaners who capably present the benefits of softwash and its long-term benefits. I would say that your are in good hands in this part of the country with the Durlings representing you.

Tom D, Ipswich, MA

Hi, Mr. Sullivan,

My name is Jared W. of Henniker, New Hampshire. Recently Tom and Mike Durling came to my home to perform a roof cleaning using your solution. First of all, I could not be happier with the way my roof gleamed when they were finished. I intend to perform this cleaning every few years to extend the beauty and longevity of my cedar roof.

Another very important thing to note is about the service I received. Over the years, I have had to deal with many vendors on many different projects. That said, the service I received with Tom and Mike was likely to be the best I have ever received. To list a few things that really stand out to me, they were:

  • Extremely communicative. I knew exactly what was being performed and when, and they were very knowledgeable about the product.
  • Incredibly friendly and positive. After five minutes of speaking with them, I felt as though I knew them for years. They quickly obtained my trust, and I knew that I was in for something of great quality.
  • Immaculate and careful. They took every precaution and diligently protected my home before beginning the treatment. Once they finished, everything was put back to exactly as it was before. Overall, my experience was fantastic, and you can be certain that I will recommend this service to anyone that has a need for it.

Thank you so much, I am a very happy customer.

If you, too, are interested in restoring the natural beauty and efficiency of your cedar roof or siding and extending its lifespan for years to come, contact us today.

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